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Chris Plaza, Loan Officer in Houston, TX

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Charts and Calculators

Convey the benefits of paying points on any mortgage scenario, or perhaps illustrate the impact of extra principal payments on a 30 year mortgage. Simple and effective tools at your fingertips.

Points and Break-Even Period

Discover the break-even year on an investment in points to determine if your advice should include paying points to buy down an interest rate.

Amortization Schedules and Extra Payments

Quickly calculate the schedule on any proposed mortgage term. Include the effect of extra principal payments made on a monthly, annual, or one-time additional principal payment.

Public Property Records

Gather important public information on most real estate in the United States in a few seconds.

Property Taxes

Fetch recent property taxes instead of scouring the internet for estimations or waiting for title work to come in.

Estimated Appraisal Values

Get an estimated range of property values as a starting point for your scenarios.

Deed History and Structual Data

View the history of previous title work, and gain insight into structural information such as square footage and year built.

Unlimited Mortgage Comparisons

Increase the chances your customers will review your quotes by putting the actual figures in the email message.

Copy and Paste

Create side by side views of different options, and copy and paste into an email or text message.

Desired Cash to Close

Re-calculate any loan amount based on a desired amount your borrower plans to bring to closing.

Mortgage Insurance Rates

Fetch the latest mortgage insurance rates for any scenario with a single click. Powered by MGIC.

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